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We will completely disassemble and clean the primary, install the KWI kit which includes adjustable weights, rollers, and slider buttons ($650), machine the weight pockets and provide washers to prevent the weights from wearing into the pockets again, we also machine or polish the button slider towers and shim the slider buttons, in most cases we can resurface the sheaves smooth again making your worn out primary clutch better than new.

This service includes new heavy duty weight pin circlips.


Add the Overdrive Mod for only $300  (save $150)


Lighter Primary Spring for lower RPM is $45 additional

Chromoly Self Centering Pressure Plate Bolts are $29.95

If you want these items please select from our products page and add to your cart.


If you need or want new weight pins they are $19.65 ea.

If needed new bushing for the internal sheave is $35 

If the outer cap bushing is worn we replace the entire cap which is $65

If you are unsure if you need new pins or bushings do not select them during checkout and I will inspect and let you know if they are needed.


KRX 1000 Primary Clutch Refurbishment

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