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We machine a new "83" Kawasaki primary clutch with our overdrive modification for more top end speed and lower RPMs at cruising speeds, From the factory the belt on the  KRX  primary clutch lacks about 1\2" from traveling all the way to the top of the sheaves, this modification allows the belt to use all of the sheave making the primary go into full shift at a higher speed, this increases top speed and lowers cruising RPMs.

There is absolutly no loss of low end power with our mod, as a matter of fact you will gain a slight amount of low end gearing at take off due to the machining forcing the belt to ride higher in the secondary lowering the gear ratio at take off. 

Fuel consumption is reduced due to the machines ability to run at a lower RPM. 

With this "overdrive" modification we are able to run upto 40mph in low range on 32" tires.

We have not fully tested top speed but we are seeing 73 mph on a 2900 lb machine on 35" tires, higher speeds are possible on a lighter machine. 

New Heavy Duty Circlips, Lighter Clutch Spring, and Chromoly Pressure Place Self Centering bolts are included with this service.

Purchasing a new Primary with the Overdrive Mod done from us saves you shipping your old primary to us.

We machine out the weight pockets and install friction reducung washers that prevent the weights from wearing into the clutch pockets.


New KRX Primary with Overdrive Modification

  •  Utilizing our lighter primary spring along with this mod will lower your cruising RPMs and help reduce wear on the weights and rollers, there is no loss of performance or engine braking with our spring. 

    Chromoly bolts that center the pressure place and stronger circlips for the weight pins are included in this service. 


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